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Straightforward money in San Fierro Do the valet side-quest missions. You will end up awarded a $ location, where by periodically you could assert free of charge money.

Tanker Commander mission Right after hooking up the trailer, leap out of the truck. The fuel station attendant and a pal will likely be in an auto nearby. It will eventually regularly crash in the stationary truck and trailer and turn out to be problems.

Hold executing this right up until the desired gun is at Hitman level. It can be done to acquire four weapons nearly Hitman degree in about one hour.

Select it up, then look for the ramp with the flag. Driver very quickly and jump off. After a number of seconds while in the air, bounce from the bicycle, then deploy your parachute, or you can wait around to carry out some no cost falling. You may as well leap off of some high structures, and out of airplanes.

Hospital underworld gateway in San Fierro Go to San Fierro's hospital. There are two distinctive properties which can be related by a walkway that is definitely above the street. Go to the western setting up (hospital) have been the cane is located. (where you get dropped off after you pay a visit to the clinic). On your still left must be an ambulance. Go in the direction of the ambulance, and encounter the east constructing "across the road".

Not a soul is there, and you will not get shot. Notice: If it doesn't Permit you thru, have a ramp truck and put it near the gate. Then, operate up it and jump the fence. When you finally are inside of, get out of your motor vehicle, go towards your still left, and go In the hangar (round constructing) and stroll by to one other finish. You may end up again outdoors. When you are outdoors at the back of the Army Fuels place, come up with a appropriate and run to the stairs you see. Walk up All those stairs, and if you get to the top, the Cargobob will probably be over the heli-pad. Get in it with none stars or police Once you. To create this simpler, just take a airplane there and parachute out. Even so, Ensure that you land on the helipad.

Home Invasion mission Check out to get to the focus on household with as much time remaining. The demanded 3 ammunition packing containers are available in the following locations. In the initial room that you just enter, glance in your appropriate near the cannon close to the front window.

Check out the particular Seashore Portion of the Verona Beach area. Start taking pictures with the desired gun. The cops will arrive soon after awhile, but you can also make them disappear click here or simply just kill them For additional.

Lowrider stays in position Receive a lowrider with hydraulics. Set the vehicle in almost any hydraulic posture wanted. Though holding the car in that way, get out. You could see the auto keep on being that way. As an example, have the back again of the vehicle elevated inside the air.

Fly it right until a information seems within the corner. Fly it for around five or ten extra minutes and you should have a pilot license with no intending to pilot faculty. Observe: Make sure you save the game.

Bullet Effectively entire driving university with at least all silver awards to unlock the Bullet. Alternately, hunt for the burger shop while in the Juniper Hollow place from the north Element of San Fierro, west of the church. The Bullet is found while in the parking lot ideal across from the doorway.

Don night time vision goggles without having their result Activate the night time eyesight goggles and Perform any sort of arcade video game (They Came From Uranus, etc.). Any time you exit the arcade activity, CJ will nonetheless be putting on the goggles, but their result is not there.

Guided rocket launcher in San Fierro Go to the airport and from the place The 2 helicopters spawn, Visit the still left. There'll be two minimal buildings near the water. To the proper of one of them are going to be propane tanks. In between two of them are going to be a lock on rocket launcher.

Black Venture mission This mission starts immediately after several Torino missions. Fact is upset with you working with Torino. He abandons you on a highway. You're entering into Spot sixty nine and must convey back again the Black Undertaking. You have to go to the Management tower and open up the blast doorways. It's important to avoid the searchlights, but not shoot out over two of these. You may have thermal goggles to begin to see the guards. You must get in prior to 5:30 a.m. You may start out close to overall body armor If you don't have any. You will find guards at mid-level on every one of the mild towers, additionally numerous that happen to be strolling about. Consider sniping All people so that you'll be not spotted. If you need to do get spotted, you might be advised to implement a vent to have into the setting up. In almost any case, There exists armor up on the Management tower to replenish with, and a purple location to work with to open up the blast doors. The blast doors are in the center of your mound. The vent is marked nearby and you may shoot your way in throughout the grates. You will find a wellbeing waiting for you inside of that home (Using the blast doors on the other wall).

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